There are no agreements between the Company and its directors or employees for compensation providing for loss of office or employment (whether through resignation, purported redundancy or otherwise) in the event of a takeover bid, except for those relating to normal notice periods. The rules of the Company’s share plans contain provisions under which options and awards to participants, including executive directors, may vest on a takeover or change of control of the Company or transfer of undertakings.

The Company has a committed circa £1bn bank syndicated credit facility which is terminable if revised terms cannot be agreed with the syndicate of banks in a 30 day period following a change of control. As at 13 March 2012, the Company has no borrowings under this facility.

There are no change of control conditions in the terms of any of the Company’s outstanding debt securities. The terms of the Company’s agreements with its banking counterparties, under which derivative transactions are undertaken, include the provision for termination of transactions upon takeover/merger if the resulting merged entity has a credit rating materially weaker than the Company. There are no other committed banking arrangements either drawn or undrawn that incorporate any change of control conditions.


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