This year there has been a strong focus on education initiatives and programmes that work to improve life skills and the financial awareness of young people. As part of our commitment to offer our skills to benefit local communities we are helping to improve the employability of students through various initiatives.

This includes employees volunteering to spend time in schools providing background on the skills we look for in an employee, interview hints and tips and the sort of opportunities available to the right candidate. Other tasks identify how candidates demonstrate skills such as teamworking, negotiation, staying calm under pressure and a focus on results.

There are many benefits for the students. It provides a chance to visit a major local employer, experience how recruitment days are run, have an interview and receive feedback to help them in an increasingly competitive job market.

For Legal & General employees it was an opportunity to hone and practise their own interview techniques and communication skills.

Additionally we have worked with other members of our industry to deliver a one-day interactive course called ‘Money, money, money’ which helps students understand more about:

  • the financial demands they will face as young adults;
  • how they can manage these financial demands; and
  • how to recognise the importance of planning their own personal finances.

In 2010 to 2011 over 3,100 Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils at schools across the country took part in this programme and 95% of them agreed that they understood more about the demands they will face as adults after attending the event.


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