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To ensure customers do not receive inappropriate advice from our appointed representatives.

In 2012 reduce the number of customer complaints as a percentage of our customer base (0.54% complained in 2011 or 1 in 200 customers).

Group Ethics Committee

To ensure policies and procedures are in place to protect customer information from misuse or financial crime.

In 2012 develop a formal NGO engagement and monitoring process to help the Group to recognise the increasingly important role that Legal & General plays in the global economy through operating and through its investments.


To listen to and act upon customer feedback about our products and services.

As part of our UK growth strategy and to support our six group-wide campaigns: Turn at least five innovative partnerships with Third Sector organisations into more socially inclusive products and/or adjustments to service Legal & General’s customers by the end of 2013.

Group CSR Committee

To make it easier for our customers to do business with us.



To develop a dialogue with all customers.



To build a strong social purpose and relevance to society with a focus on a broader demographic.





In 2012 improve the diversity of talent within the organisation (i.e. female talent, disabilities, sexual orientation, etc) so that it better reflects UK customer base and regional employee demographics within our own business. Encourage other companies to do the same through our ownership as an investor.

Group Equalities Committee

To adopt policies and practices which encourage an appropriate work/life balance.

Work in close partnership with our recognised trades union Unite and Management Consultative Forum, when making decisions that affect our employees.


To apply open and fair processes in major decisions affecting recruitment, promotions, outsourcing and downsizing.


To ensure our employees understand and implement correct ethical behaviours.


To promote and implement our Company values.


To provide a flexible, supportive, healthy and safe working environment.


To promote responsible ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) business practices in the companies in which we invest to create long-term value for investors.

In 2012 we will hold 300 ESG meetings with investee companies on a global basis, of which 25% will be covering environmental and/or social topics. This recognises the value of the repeated engagement we carry out with companies.

Group CSR Committee

Campaign and lead the development of new long-term infrastructure assets available to pension funds and investment companies, which will provide much needed capital for UK economic growth.


We commit to promote the sustainable management of our investment property portfolio, whatever our mandate, in the belief that enhanced investor returns will be delivered.

To promote positive social impact where LGP advocates significant development projects. In particular to assess the social and environmental impacts as part of the analysis of the viability of such schemes.

Sustainable Property Investment Committee

As part of a three-year plan to 2013, in 2012 develop further building-by-building strategies for improved sustainability performance across the whole of the investment property portfolio.


In 2012 continue at the forefront of the property sector, developing thinking and promoting improved industry performance, leading by example as recognised by the industry. To chair a leading sustainability organisation and to contribute or publish articles in the property press.


To ensure our key suppliers comply with our sustainable procurement policy at all times. To support suppliers who do not comply with our ‘CSR standards for suppliers’ to facilitate improvements.

In 2012 work collaboratively with our key suppliers to identify categories of sub-optimal supply chain. Undertake opportunity analysis and establish action plans per category of supply by end of Q1 2012. Implementation of category action plans with demonstrable results by the end 2012.

Group CSR Committee

In 2012 establish awareness amongst Legal & General Procurement Teams to the availability of products and services from the emerging Social Enterprise sector resulting in a defined policy, process required for integration into existing supply chain selection processes for the Group.


In 2012 ensure that 100% of key suppliers are compliant with Legal & General’s CSR standards for suppliers.


To reduce rather than offset our impact on the environment.

With an expected business growth in customer policies of 4% over the period 2012–2014 reduce waste per contract across the UK Business by 10% on 2011 volumes.

Group Environment Committee

With an expected business growth in customer policies of 4% over the period 2012–2014 reduce direct carbon dioxide emissions across the Group (UK and Overseas) by 6% on 2010 volumes.


With an expected business growth in customer policies of 4% over the period 2012–2014 reduce paper consumption across the Group by 10% on 2011 volumes for the UK Business whilst increasing the online servicing levels (2.7%) of our customers.

To integrate environmental legislation across our business.

Continue to improve data collection, management, interpretation and build expertise to reduce further energy use and landfill waste to run our portfolio of commercial properties. Specifically to reduce the energy used in the top 20% of buildings by 3%. In the year to April 2011 properties that LGP was responsible for generated 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

Sustainable Property Investment Committee

Manage appropriate international CSR programmes to address the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risks and reputation in those marketplaces.

In 2012 following private benchmarking of Legal & General America, Netherlands and France by BITC where a 30% average performance level was achieved we will
a) improve our disclosure of these businesses in our yearly reporting cycle and
b) significantly improve BITC Ratings for these businesses.

Group CSR Committee

In 2012 benchmark our joint venture companies using the BITC CR index to establish their natural level of CSR performance.


To support the community as a whole, especially on grass-roots issues where we feel we can make a difference in key programmes.

By 2013 create a ‘Gearing up for Work’ programme which will provide 200 people looking to access work with a chance to be given valuable mentoring and employment experience within Legal & General Group Plc.

Group Charity Committee

To partner with Third Sector organisations to campaign for the issues that matter to our markets and businesses. To support and encourage employee involvement in charitable giving, volunteering and in utilising the resources available to them.

In 2012 continue to provide at least 1,000 working days of volunteering across the Group from our employees and business partners that also helps employees to evidence the ‘Taking a Wider Interest’ behaviour.


Continue to invest at least £2.5m into the Third Sector as a result of employees, business and community activities.



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