Our joint ventures are all based on a high productivity bancassurance model, principally selling unit-linked savings products to the emerging middle class in faster growing economies. We prefer to operate in close partnership with local banks to deliver effective, value-for-money products that meet genuine customer needs.

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We own 26% of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company, a joint venture with Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank.

We own 55% of Commercial International Life Company SAE, a joint venture with Commercial International Bank.

We own 50% of Legal and General Gulf BSCC, a joint venture with Ahli United Bank that targets the entire Gulf region.


We sell a variety of savings products to individual clients and have recently complemented this with the development of Group risk and pension products.

We sell regular premium savings products to individual clients.

We operate in Bahrain and now also in Kuwait, selling individual savings and protection products.


We have access to approximately 6,000 bank branches. In 2011 we generated net premium income of over INR 10bn. In only the second year of operation we achieved a 2.1% share of the private new business market.

We are the number one private life insurer in Egypt, and have successfully weathered the recent turbulence, with 2011 sales recovering to those of the previous year.

Our Kuwait operation made a strong start following launch in July, and we are looking for operations to expand into other markets in the Gulf.


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