Changes to our Report.

This year we have changed the structure of our Annual Report to better reflect the way we operate and the increase in synergies of resources and objectives across the Group. We believe that to operate as one company with one vision we need to have shared objectives within our strategy where appropriate.

A number of our strategic objectives require input from several areas of the Company. For example, Retirement Solutions involves the annuities, savings and investment management businesses. We provide solutions for employers across our protection, savings, annuities and investment management businesses and we can use our expertise of all of these areas in the UK to deliver our international expansion ambition.

The main change is a move away from the business segment-led reporting that we have used in previous years towards a more holistic view of our business. We believe that this new structure better highlights and demonstrates the synergies and progress across the Group.

This should make it easier to find the information you are looking for and give a better overview of how our business divisions work together to deliver value for our customers and shareholders.

This means that you will now find all of our strategic progress and achievements information in the What we are doing section.

Information on our social purpose and sustainability can be found in the Our Social Purpose section.

An overview of our 2012 performance can be found in the Highlights section.

The detail relating to our financial performance can now be found in the new Financial Review section. This section gives more details on our KPIs and the financial results of each of our business divisions.

This section also includes an explanation of why the measure is used by management.

The Financial Review can be found in the Our performance section.

Full in depth disclosure is then provided in the Financial Statements.

We believe that this new structure means that we focus on the measures used to manage the business and reduces the duplication of information within the document. We welcome your feedback on these changes.