Financial Statements.

“It’s showing that we care about the same stuff you do.”

“Before we started talking about Every Day Matters and putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we decided to start with us and say “OK what is important to us and what matters every day?” If I go back two or three years, I didn’t have a mortgage, I didn’t have a wife and I didn’t have a family so my needs are totally different now. For me in my life journey, Every Day Matters rings true.”


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Group Consolidated Financial Statements

In this year’s annual report we have adopted a different approach to presenting our financial information. We believe that organising the information in this way will enable greater understanding of our business. The Group financial statements have been divided into three sections:

  • The Primary Statements and Performance section includes the Group primary statements and other notes which we believe are integral to understanding our financial performance.
  • The Balance Sheet Management section provides further details on our financial position and approach to risk management.
  • The Additional Financial Information includes disclosures required to be compliant with accounting standards or the Companies Act. We view this information as important, but less significant in understanding our business and performance.

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