“It’s believing that our jobs mean more than just pay slips and 9 to 5.”

“We’ve been working on a case where we had a customer who’d died, but we had no next of kin details. We could have just left it, but from the post mortem we found out details of some tattoos he had with names and what seemed to be dates of birth. Using systems we have access to, we were able to trace those people and send out paperwork for a claim. It’s not the kind of thing we do every day, but we do always try and get the money to its rightful owner. And we always try and deliver on the promises we make.”


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Letter from the Chairman

The Board aspires to the highest standards of corporate governance and this year has dedicated a significant amount of time to considering emerging corporate governance practice in line with our belief that this is fundamental to sound decision making processes and delivering the Company’s strategy.

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Corporate governance

As a Company, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. This year the Board has considered in detail the most recent additions to the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code) in relation to diversity, which has resulted in the adoption of a Board diversity policy.

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Directors' Report on Remuneration

Our remuneration philosophy applies throughout the Company and aims to fairly reward employees and recognise performance that is achieved against the backdrop of our Company values, taking into consideration our risk appetite and having due regard to customer outcomes.

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