Our approach.

“It’s knowing that millions of people rely on us for their pensions.”

“We speak to a lot of older people, some who are quite lonely, they tell us a lot about their children, how their life is going. We get to know people more than even some of their friends do because we ask about their finances, their mortgages, their life cover and their hopes and dreams.”


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Our social purpose

We make a promise to our customers that we will be there to stand behind that promise when disaster or tragedy strikes. Our clear aim is to be a force for good in society, make every day matter for our customers and staff and live by the promises we make in our high quality products.

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Environmental matters

We were one of the first financial services companies to become certified to ISO 14001 and this programme has expanded to cover our supply chain and property investments. We don’t offset our impacts or make claims of ‘carbon neutrality’; our priority is to actually reduce our impacts. During 2012, there were no notifiable environmental incidents as a result of our operations.

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Risk management

Our risk management framework seeks to support our business ambitions, enabling us to select those risks that can give us sustainable returns and closely managing those risks that are unrewarded, and to optimise the capital that we hold so that we can deliver our strategy.

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