Our social purpose.

Case study: John Pollock, Group Executive Officer (Protection and Annuities) (photo)

“Insurance has a powerful social purpose. We make a promise to our customers that we will be there to stand behind that promise when disaster or tragedy strikes. Our clear aim is to be a force for good in society, make every day matter for our customers and staff and live by the promises we make in our high quality products.”


Although our business priorities are ensuring that we deliver value to our shareholders and customers, we also believe that our role in society is broader than simply the financial impact of what we do.

In its simplest form, we believe that our purpose is to help make financial security easier to achieve. To do this, we aim to provide good value, high quality products for our customers.

There are a number of issues central to the wellbeing of society where we have an interest and a degree of influence, and therefore a responsibility to engage in broader debate. A better informed business that interacts with experts in the outside world is a better run business.

To do this we:

  • talk to the specialists who understand how we can help our customers more effectively;
  • play an active role in the communities that we are part of; and
  • share our resources to help charities who benefit society.

In this section of our report we will outline a variety of social issues, explain the relevance to us as a business and then outline the work we have undertaken and the relationships we have made to work towards improving outcomes.