Pensioner poverty matters.

Financial security in retirement largely depends on having a stable income, which our products and services aim to provide. We help people to save for retirement through a pension, either individually or through their employer, and then provide an income through an annuity. We have been actively involved in Government consultations on changes to the state pension and auto enrolment and on the issue of long term care funding.


We continue to support the EAC’s National ‘Housing for Older People Awards’, which are designed to help residents of retirement housing to independently rank how their landlords support and provide for them.

We have also provided joint research and insights into the impact that longevity is having on retirement housing supply through Joseph Lu, Legal & General’s Longevity Expert.

The EAC team have also provided valuable training and understanding for Legal & General employees called ‘Helping Mum and Dad – Anticipating Needs and Aspirations in Later Life’ to enable them to understand the challenges that our employees may face as the children of ageing parents when looking at retirement housing needs and options for their loved ones.

We have worked with EAC to research the needs of older people when they select their annuity provider. The outcome of this research, the HOOP (Housing Options for Older People), was relaunched in 2012 and provides valuable insights into the ways that the over-55s are living their lives.

EAC and its partners have also provided some valuable insights into the long term needs in retirement housing to our home insurance, commercial property and mortgage club businesses.


We continue to work with Age UK to train front line employees on the needs and requirements of older customers and the different level of service that they may require from us.

We have provided front line employees with access to the Age UK Befriending Scheme. This means employees can work with older people on a weekly basis, providing regular contact and help to alleviate loneliness.

Working with Age UK we jointly created the ‘Living on £70 a week’ initiative where 130 of our employees lived on the State pension to understand some of the pressures that our customers would face without a pension. This coincided with the roll-out of auto enrolment which has provided a valuable way to get a younger workforce to understand the needs for pensions.

Through our joint venture, IndiaFirst, we have worked with HelpAge India to support their Mumbai-based Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU) in providing valuable front line services to the elderly who find it hard to access medical services. The MMU covers 22 slum areas of Mumbai giving free treatment to over 2,000 patients over the age of 65 each month.


During 2012, we have continued to work with Tax Help for Older People (TaxHelp), a charity providing free, expert, independent tax advice for people over 60 who live in a household with a net income of less than £17,000 a year. We are delighted to work in partnership with TaxHelp, financially supporting their valuable work and in return receiving assistance and training for our customer services teams to better understand the needs of our older customers. We’ve also been able to refer some of our customers with more complex tax affairs to TaxHelp for advice.