Structuring and developing our organisation.

The success of our Company depends upon the quality of our staff and our Leadership Team to drive growth. Our focus in 2012 has been on:

  • developing our digital capabilities;
  • increasing employee engagement;
  • training and developing our people; and
  • ensuring that talented individuals are developed to be our future leaders.

Our aim is to provide our customers with easily accessible online information about us and our products, regardless of whether they go on to make a direct online application or seek advice. As well as developing online appliscation processes, we intend to build two-way communications processes, delivered in a variety of digital formats.

We recognise that in the 21st century, as well as developing lifetime relationships with our customers we need to go one step further and foster their potential for promoting our products to their friends and family.


The recent development of investment platforms has enabled customers to use flexible, digital applications, helping them to manage all their financial assets in one place, access a wide range of investment funds and ultimately, be better placed to achieve their financial goals.

Once the preserve of affluent consumers, we have differentiated ourselves from many of our competitors by opening up the platform market to mass-affluent high-street customers. Our investors might start off using our IPS platform to manage a single ISA investment, but eventually can choose to have a permanent home for a full range of investment plans.

One of the benefits of RDR is that it is now much easier for customers to understand separately what charges they pay for advice, fund management and platform facilities. We implemented a completely transparent ‘unbundled’ charging structure for our customers well before it was required by legislation.

Case study: Using technology to build our Platform | portrait of Mark Gregory (photo)


“Investment in technology is crucial to the success, efficiency and scalability of our business model. Our Investor Portfolio Service platform (IPS) provides a convenient means for over 400,000 of our customers to manage £8.6 billion of their savings. Our Workplace Savings platform (Worksave) gives us the flexibility to welcome and engage with employers and their employees. We have also launched technology solutions to enable our financial advisers to provide high quality financial advice to customers in an efficient way in a post RDR world.”

Some of our customers choose to manage their investments online in their own homes. Those who register with our platform to help manage their savings tend to have greater engagement with us and greater connection with their money. This is likely to make them return to us for repeat business. Indeed, 79% of last year’s ISA business came from customers already registered with IPS. Our platform success is helping us to transform and modernise our savings business and has the following benefits:






We have built a number of smaller applications for individual customers:

  • In 2012, we launched ‘Deadline to the Breadline’ on Facebook and other digital media. This promotion highlighted that on average people in Britain could be on the breadline in just 19 days. We put videos and digital content onto Facebook to help people understand their own family’s protection gap.
  • We ran a number of campaigns highlighting to women the consequences of price rises under gender-neutral pricing. The results we received through digital media for the ‘Time waits for no Woman’ campaign were six times higher than we had expected.
  • Our Healthy Living application was launched in April 2012.
  • We are continuing to build quotation ‘apps’ for IFAs and our tied advisers.
  • We built a digital game that was launched in March 2013, which highlights the need for protection in a fun way. The game is available for mobile devices via iTunes and Google play.


At the heart of Every Day Matters is a promise to our customers. We will help them achieve financial security. It is this promise that drives our employees’ dedication to delivering positive and socially useful outcomes. Over the last few years, we have accelerated our commitment to Every Day Matters and, despite a very difficult economic backdrop, we have seen a significant improvement in employee engagement.

This improvement is vitally important for our ambition to accelerate the growth of our business. We have a committed and motivated workforce. This gives us a competitive advantage in a market where some of our competitors are undergoing the disruption of restructuring. The increased commitment that our people feel towards the Company is also demonstrated by Legal & General entering the ‘Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For’ list. Joining this prestigious group means that we are even better placed to recruit and develop the type of future leaders who will help us fulfil our ambitious plans.

Like other successful FTSE 100 companies, we embrace change at the highest level. In 2012, Nigel Wilson was appointed as our new CEO. Nigel is committed to ensuring engagement levels continue to rise. To do this he has held sessions with a large number of our 8,000 plus global employees in a series of interactive staff presentations. These sessions were based around the themes of talent, teamwork and technology, with the customer firmly at the heart of discussions.

Case study: Engaging our Employees | picture of an employee (photo)


In 2012, our annual employee survey illustrated how engagement is advancing rapidly.

  • We had the highest ever participation score, with 7,000 people worldwide responding to the survey.
  • Our employee engagement score improved from 73% to 78%.
  • Our leadership index, which measures how our employees value their management, increased from 68% to 72%.
  • Legal & General America had some of the highest ever engagement scores; despite Hurricane Sandy hitting the East coast during the survey period.


Using talent to accelerate our evolution

Our Leadership Academy was launched in the second quarter of 2012, offering a range of programmes to support all levels of leaders in the organisation. As part of this academy we established a new programme to accelerate the development of people with future leadership potential. This further strengthens our leadership capacity and succession plans for the future.

In late 2012, a re-structuring exercise took place where the roles of many of our business managing directors were rotated to broaden experience and extend synergies across the business.

Learning and development

We have also refreshed our range of learning and development activities to align with our business priorities and have established a more sophisticated learning intranet site, called Every Day Learning. This learning site enables all employees, irrespective of location and role, to access learning. It has been designed to enhance personal performance and support career planning.

Next steps

During 2013, we want to make a stronger connection between our performance management approach and talent development activities, which are now well established. In addition, a key initiative will be launched to look at how we might broaden the involvement of our diverse workforce so that we make the best use of all our talent.