Changes to our Report.

Changes to our Report.

We’ve changed our report this year largely to reflect the new reporting standards introduced through an amendment to the Companies Act, 2006. The new regulations introduce a new strategic report as well as making changes to the directors’ report.

The strategic report comprises the first three sections of this report: overview, our progress and our performance.

We have also introduced a new section describing our new corporate structure, focusing upon our five businesses and our leadership team.

This should make it easier to find the information you are looking for and give a better overview of how our business divisions work together to deliver value for our customers and shareholders.

The new sections we have developed are:

  1. How we’re organised.
  2. Market environment.
  3. Response to macro trends.
  4. Delivering our social purpose.

Further information on key performance indicators and other performance measures can be found in the financial review.