“Our housing shortage has been decades in the making, and is now so severe it will take innovation and creative thinking to tackle.”
Speech to policy exchange, November 2013

Letter from the Chairman

John Stewart, Chairman

This year has been an excellent year of growth for the Group. As we continue to focus on accelerating our growth, our governance framework must evolve with us. A sound governance framework supports us in our decision making process and ensures a balanced outcome for all of our stakeholders.

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Corporate governance

As a company, we continue to strive towards the highest standards of corporate governance and we review our compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code (‘the Code’) and associated policies on an annual basis. We believe good governance is the foundation for building trusted relationships and ensuring sound decision making processes.

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Nominations Committee report

John Stewart, Chairman of the Nominations Committee

There have been a number of changes to our Board composition during the year. In recommending new appointments to the Board the Committee considers the importance of a diverse Board in terms of thought, background, experience and gender.

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Audit Committee report

Julia Wilson, Chairman of the Audit Committee

The Committee has a key role in ensuring the integrity of the financial statements and the effectiveness of risk management processes and internal control.


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Group Risk Committee report

Lindsay Tomlinson, Chairman of the Group Risk Committee

The diversity of skills and experience on the Committee continues to enhance its overall effectiveness in supporting the Board to discharge its responsibilities in relation to the management of the Group’s risk framework and internal control systems.

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Directors’ report on remuneration

Rudy Markham, Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

Our overall remuneration principles align to our strategy. The strategic objectives are to grow the business in several key areas: LGIM international expansion, retirement solutions, protection, digital technology and direct investments.

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