The Board’s agenda: key areas of focus in 2013.

The Board’s agenda: key areas of focus in 2013.





The Board continues to focus on progressing the company’s strategic objectives through strong organic growth and selective acquisitions. Strategy remains a primary focus of the Board’s agenda and was also the subject of discussion at a two-day strategy event attended by all Board members. The Board has overseen increased mergers and acquisitions activity during 2013, including the completion of four material acquisitions. The Board reviews significant transactions and assesses whether these are aligned with the Group’s strategy while also considering their respective risk profiles.

In considering strategy, the Board recognises the impact its decisions may have on each of its stakeholder groups. During the year, the Board gave particular consideration to employee matters (including the results of the annual employee survey), customers, Government bodies and wider society as part of its corporate social responsibility agenda.

Developing talent from within the organisation remains a key focus for the company. The Board is provided with regular updates in respect of the progress made in embedding talent management processes and building the development structure for future leaders. Board members continue to mentor those individuals who have been selected to participate in leadership programmes.

The Board recognises the contribution made by each of the separate business divisions and the importance of understanding the workings of each of these divisions. During the year, the Board carried out a ‘deep dive’ analysis of the following business units: Legal & General America, Legal & General Property and Legal & General Investment Management, including the index funds and fixed income divisions.

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