Induction, training and development.

Induction, training and development.
“The induction process was well organised and comprehensive. Besides meeting many members of the senior management team in Coleman Street, I was also encouraged to visit other office locations. It was very useful to visit both Kingswood and Hove and to have the opportunity to meet with a variety of people from across the business. This really helped me to appreciate the strong ethical culture which exists throughout the organisation.”

The Board places great value on training and development and the group company secretary supports the Chairman in providing tailored induction programmes for new directors and continuing development programmes for existing directors.

On joining the Board as non-executive directors, Lindsay Tomlinson and Lizabeth Zlatkus were provided with comprehensive induction packs containing core business information and were invited to attend a series of meetings with executive management and other senior members of the management team. These meetings were focused specifically on understanding the different business areas and operations and took place across a number of different site locations. Mark Gregory, on appointment as group chief financial officer, was also provided with a tailored induction programme to support the transition into his new role. The basis of this induction was a series of tailored one-to-one meetings with senior members of the risk, internal audit, finance, tax and investor relations teams as well as an in-depth handover with the interim chief financial officer and introductory meetings with the external auditor and corporate brokers.

Ongoing training, we believe, is an essential component to maintaining an effective and knowledgeable Board. The Chairman continues to meet regularly with each of the non-executive directors to agree training and development plans and all directors are invited to attend internally hosted executive business awareness sessions. Topics covered during the year have included an ‘Overview of the Legal & General Investment Management business’, ‘Managing conduct risk’ and ‘Corporate social responsibility’.

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