Remuneration Committee.

Remuneration Committee.

The table below shows the members and attendees of the Remuneration Committee during 2013.

Committee Members, Attendees and Advice

(XLS:) Remuneration Committee Members

Remuneration committee members



Rudy Markham

Chairman of the Remuneration Committee


Nick Prettejohn

Member from 2 November 2010 until 6 June 2013


Mike Fairey

Member from 1 May 2011


Stuart Popham

Member from 1 July 2011


Lindsay Tomlinson

Member from 1 May 2013


(XLS:) Remuneration Committee Attendees

Remuneration committee attendees



John Stewart

Standing attendee by invitation

Independent upon appointment on 1 March 2010

Nigel Wilson

Group chief executive

Attends by invitation


The Group HR director and Group Head of Reward attend by invitation as executives responsible for advising on the remuneration policy. A member of Group Board Support acts as secretary to the Committee



Kepler Associates Partnership LLP

Attended by invitation as the Committee’s independent adviser until October 2013


Deloitte LLP

Attended by invitation from October 2013 as the independent adviser to the Committee

No person is present during any discussion relating to his or her own remuneration.

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