Our progress.

“Automatic enrolment, which started in October 2012, has already been a huge success, with 2.5 million people enrolled so far and nine out of ten are staying in.”
STEVE WEBB, Pensions Minister,
DWP, February 2014
Our progress.

Group chief executive’s review

Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive

The UK and US economies are growing again: our LGIM economists are currently forecasting 3% growth for both countries in 2014. But Britain’s economic growth relies too much on ultra-low interest rates, printing new money, and rising house prices.

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Who we are

We believe that the most efficient corporate strategy is for our five businesses to take responsibility for managing their own affairs themselves in most areas. However, we’ve also established a number of group functions, where centralised services provide greater levels of control and efficiency.

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Market environment

Five big themes underpin long term growth and innovative solutions.

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Response to macro trends

How our response to the five big themes helps us achieve our ambition.

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