Ageing populations.

Ageing populations.

Ageing populations are an inescapable reality that will affect western economies in the first half of this century. Commentators often say that we should celebrate the fact we are living longer. And that’s true, especially if we provide for old age by using private retirement savings to supplement state benefits.

The world’s getting greyer

The transfer of welfare, pension and savings provision from the State to individuals will continue. The success of auto-enrolment can provide a model for other products and services; long term care, life insurance, critical illness cover, more flexible annuity products and many others.

Global over 60s




by 2050

The explosion in the number of over 60s will change the whole structure of society. In Europe, by 2050 around one third of the population will be over 60. Can governments afford to provide generous state pensions, free healthcare and elderly care?


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