Digital lifestyles.

Digital lifestyles.

Our industry needs to move from an analogue world dominated by face to face meetings in physical buildings, legacy processes and spreadsheets to one where rich data analytics using ‘big data’ is used to develop customer insights so that we can better understand customer requirements and behaviour.

Developing digital solutions

These changes will allow us to provide better value digitally guided solutions for customers, as is increasingly common in many other industries. We already provide instant underwritten quotes for annuities, our straight-through processing in retail protection exceeds 80% and we’re approaching £80 billion of assets on our digital savings platforms.

Growth in UK mobile internet usage


16-24s in 2013 who use mobile devices to access the internet


The widespread use of mobile devices to access the internet has changed the nature of internet usage. Consumers are willing and able to buy from, and communicate with, product providers throughout their waking hours.


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