Innovation and leadership.

Innovation and leadership.

We invest in our future through innovative leadership programmes.

Innovation and Leadership | Picture of Kathryn Gray, HR director, LGAS and colleagues receiving the 2014 Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies To Work For award (left image); Legal & General rock band pictured outside the Koko music venue in Camden, London (photo)

Leadership is the catalyst for achieving our ambitious growth strategy. Our leadership academy demonstrates our commitment to driving forward the future success of the company.

We established the leadership academy to provide the springboard for talented people to build on their leadership skills, cultivate their understanding of strategic and operational thinking and learn how to inspire others to embody Every Day Matters. The academy recognises that successful people have diverse talents and come from very different backgrounds. We choose people who demonstrate the skills, behaviours and mindsets that we believe are critical to achieve our ambitious vision.

The future leader programme is part of the leadership academy, where high potential managers engage with our leadership group to learn from their skills, knowledge and experience. We’ve designed a year-long programme to provide employees with an opportunity to identify and lead group wide projects. The aim is to accelerate the movement of top-performing employees into senior leadership roles, where they will learn to perform at managing director level.


We achieved 19th position in the Sunday Times ‘25 Best Big Companies to Work For’ list, six places above our 2012 position. We also won a special award for Innovation in Engagement Practice, in recognition of the fantastic work around the business such as ‘One Day’ in late 2012, the Kingswood Fun Day in July 2013 and the huge number of CSR-related activities our colleagues get involved with. We moved up from a ‘Ones to Watch’ accreditation in 2012 to a ‘One Star Company’ accreditation in 2014. The picture above shows Kathryn Gray, HR director, LGAS and colleagues from around the business, being presented with this prestigious award in February 2014.

Some of our Legal Team are pictured outside the Koko music venue in Camden, London where they and two other Legal & General rock bands performed to raise over £80,000 for nine charities. When not attempting to play rock music they also won two independent awards in 2013, including the most innovative in-house legal team in Europe, as judged by the ‘Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards’.

Our employee engagement index measures through our annual employee survey, how committed our employees are to our goals and our overall success. In 2013, 87% of all worldwide employees participated in the survey. An important way we build employee engagement is through regular intranet communications.

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