Who we are.

Who we are.

Our new corporate structure focuses on the needs of customers.



We believe that the most efficient corporate strategy is for our five businesses to take responsibility for managing their own affairs themselves in most areas. However, we’ve also established a number of group functions, where centralised services provide greater levels of control and efficiency.


  • Legal and Corporate Governance
  • Tax
  • Group Finance and Group Audit
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Communications and Investor Relations
  • Human Resources (partly decentralised)


We appointed Mark Gregory as our Chief Financial Officer on 1 July 2013. Mark has been a board member since 2009 and previously led the successful turnaround of our Savings business. Mark’s role is to ensure that we continue to provide security for our customers with a strong balance sheet, while delivering growing and sustainable cash flows, leading to attractive dividend growth.

Focus on the CFO | Picture of Mark Gregory shaking hands with a medical worker (photo)
“I am excited and proud to have become Group CFO. We have the financial strength, execution skills and culture to take real advantage of the many opportunities we have.“

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