Legal & General Assurance Society (LGAS).

Legal & General Assurance Society (LGAS).
John Pollock, CEO Legal & General Assurance Society (photo)
“I’m proud of our business and confident that we will always try to do the right thing for our customers. Insurance and savings help society improve financial security and in delivering this, we create value for our shareholders.”


We know that financial security is a necessity for our customers – whether it’s protecting their everyday needs or preparing for the unexpected. We also know that the decisions we make today affect people’s lives tomorrow. That’s why we aim to stand resolutely behind the promises we make, take pride in our work and have passion and belief in what we do. It means our customers are reassured that we deal in more than money and information. It means each day we safeguard people and the things they care about, reduce their fears and doubts, and dependably support them so they can face tomorrow with confidence.

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