Our operating model.

Our operating model.

We’ve three distinctive types of businesses: protection (LGAS and LGA), retirement (LGR) and investment management (LGIM, LGAS and LGC), all of which generate returns.

Every day matters
What customer needs do we meet?

Protecting lives, houses and health

Providing retirement income

Saving for the future

What do we do for our customers?

Provide monetary assistance and peace of mind when they need it

Promise to pay a regular income for the rest of their life

Offer a broad range of products to suit all types of investors

What products do we offer?

Life protection and general insurance

Annuities and longevity insurance

Saving through pensions and investments

Who are our customers?
Individuals, Corporates and institutions
How do we generate returns?

Use underwriting expertise to price premiums to cover reserves, future claims and expenses

Use longevity expertise to calculate payments and investment experience to invest in suitable assets to generate income

Use investment expertise to deliver asset returns supported by efficient administration

What do we do with the returns?

Invest for future profitable growth

Pay dividends

Maintain capital to support policyholder security and a strong new business franchise

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