The synergies between our businesses drive success.

We operate with LGIM at the heart of our business. Our businesses not only feed funds through to LGIM, but also work together to provide products and investment services for our customers. A key area is pensions, where LGIM not only manages pension fund assets and helps companies manage future liabilities with our market-leading liability driven investment (LDI) concept, but also work with LGAS’ Corporate team to help schemes change from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC). LGIM also work with Legal & General Retirement (LGR) so that pension schemes can consider whether a buyout would be in their members’ interests. Synergies are also important in individual business where, for example, our protection and corporate teams pool their ideas to help businesses provide complete solutions for employees and where our protection and retail savings teams work to provide integrated solutions.


 Maximising synergies across the Group (graph)

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  • LGIM and LGAS corporate businesses are benefiting from using their combined strength to build our defined contribution (DC) footprint
  • LGIM and LGR are forging stronger links to deliver solutions for existing clients
  • LGIM works with LGC to expand its direct investment capabilities in property, commercial lending, asset finance and infrastructure investment
  • We’ve started integrating Legal & General Investments (LGI) with LGIM. This allows our customers to benefit from LGIM’s scale and low cost manufacturing

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