Community investment CSR approach.

Community investment CSR approach.

As a responsible leading financial company we understand how important “Every Day Matters” is in our communities around where we work and live. Community involvement has always been paramount to our organisation. Our employees volunteer to support local initiatives where they can make a real difference to the lives of others. In 2013, we committed to invest 3 Million into the third sector and 1750 employee volunteering working days.

Our Communities

Though our main UK locations (Birmingham, Cardiff, Central London, Kingswood, Hove, and Ipswich), and overseas locations, Netherlands, France and the USA, we build community relationships. Our employees get involved at a local level with volunteering and fundraise to help tackle some real community issues. We encourage close links between Schools, Charities, Community groups and local authorities.

Our approach

We welcome third and not for profit sectors with their expertise and knowledge to help us improve the way we do business in line with our products. In exchange for funding we look at innovative approaches to training our employees, challenge our product designers or understanding a particular market that we may think differently about. These relationships help us understand our customers and build upon the richness of our organisation.

“I am very proud of our employee’s giving time to be involved with our communities. Their commitment both in and outside work brings “Every Day Matters” alive.
Sara Heald, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility.

We don’t have a charity of the year. We give our employees to choice to nominate the charities we support in each location. There are a number of national charities we support from Macmillan, Prostrate and Breast Cancer charities, Children in Need and Comic/Sport Relief.

This year over 25% of our workforce volunteered during work time and in their communities to support local issues. (This amounts to over 2000 days). Our employee volunteering policy allows employees to volunteer during work time for a minimum of one day a year.

We continue to support sponsorship matching for employees fundraising efforts, matching up to £25 for give as you earn, grants for schools for employees who are School Governors and matching for all our dress down days in our locations.