Board experience and diversity

The Board has continued to evolve during the year and we have sought to maintain a diverse Board that has an effective balance of skills, experience and personal qualities.


Our Board members come from a wide range of backgrounds including financial services, retail, technology, investment management and legal. These skills all contribute to the effectiveness of our Board and ensure that the Board is able to discharge its responsibilities effectively.


There is a broad spectrum of experience on our Board. Our Board members have undertaken various roles such as chief financial officer, chief risk officer, chief executive officer, director of strategy and technology and e-commerce director. A number of our Board members are currently executives in other companies, which brings an additional dimension to the Board. Our directors have also undertaken trustee roles and have been involved with registered charities.


Having the right balance of personal qualities on the Board is just as important as having the right skill set, as the Board is central to the culture of the company. The qualities we look for in our Board members are integrity, self-awareness, independence of mind, openness and approachability and the ability to perform as a team player.


Our Board represents diversity in many ways and we seek to incorporate diversity into our thinking on the composition of the Board. Diversity on our Board can be demonstrated through multiple perspectives, different outlooks, age, gender and nationality.