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Our lives are affected by the big macro trends and our own personal realities.
We want to help people be confident in the financial decisions they make.
We want to see a positive future for all.

  • Biggest in UK liability driven investments
  • Largest £3bn bulk annuity transaction with ICI was UK’s biggest ever
  • No.1 UK retail protection provider
  • $1 trillion + LGIM total global assets
  • £15bn to be invested in UK infrastructure

£15bn to be invested in UK infrastructure

  • Our £252 million ‘Places for People’ investment enabling 7,000 more new homes to be built over the next seven years.
  • We’ve invested around £220 million in the care home sector
  • We’re funding a pipeline of over 17,600 housing units for students
  • Through our investment into English Cities Fund we’re playing a meaningful role in helping to bridge the north-south divide.

These are just two of the many stories showing how our decisions are affecting people’s lives.

Mayflower Halls

  • £90m investment
  • 1,014 living units
  • Our investment took away all of Sarah’s worries about adapting to student life
  • “It’s a really nice place to live…”
  • “I’ve made great friends…”
  • “…giving me a stable start to my studies”
  • “This is a place where you find your feet.”

Canning Town

  • 680,000ft2 development
  • 652 new homes by early 2016
  • Direct links to central London & the city
  • 32,000ft2 of ground floor retail space
  • 10,000ft2 public library & community centre
  • “It’s being able to retire to a fantastic ultra-modern home…”
  • “…with everything I need right on my doorstep.”

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