What we do

Our business is to manage all types of risks. Two key areas of risk are longevity/mortality risk and investment risk.

Understanding these risks allows us to deliver three distinctive types of products and services: Protection, Retirement and Investment management.

We deliver these products and services through our businesses, which work together to help our customers.

The synergies created by working together drive our success.

UK retail protection customers
Group protection members
People saving for retirement in workplace pension schemes
People relying on us for lifetime pension income
UK pension schemes where we manage the investments

Products and services

Our businesses

What we do for our customers


LGAS Insurance
Legal & General America (LGA)

Protects employees and individuals by providing monetary assistance and peace of mind

For example, we cover our customers’ financial risks from events such as death, disability, sickness and loss of property.


Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)
Legal & General Retirement (LGR)
LGAS Savings

Helps employees and individuals enjoy a regular retirement income

For example, we take on the responsibility to pay pensions for companies or provide regular retirement income for individuals.


Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)
Legal & General Capital (LGC)
LGAS Savings

Provides solutions to help pension schemes, institutions and individuals manage their investments

For example, we help pension schemes manage their investment funds through a range of asset classes also providing attractive funds for retail investors.

Economically and socially useful products and services

  • Allowing individuals to maximise their retirement income
  • Helping companies de-risk their pension liabilities
  • Helping families when the bread winner dies or suffers from long term sickness or disability
  • Helping employees save for retirement
  • Helping companies protect their employees and their families following death and sickness
  • Helping people protect their homes and possessions
  • Investing in UK infrastructure

Helping customers across the housing market

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Step 1

We help people move into new homes through our mortgage network

LGAS Insurance

Our mortgage network was set up in 2004 following the success of our mortgage club. Ten years later our network instigated £40 billion of new mortgages, helping financial advisers and mortgage advisers source the right mortgage products for their customers by negotiating attractive mortgage deals. Our mortgage club is now responsible for almost one third of all business coming through the UK intermediary channel.

Step 2

We insure people’s homes and possessions

LGAS Insurance

In 2014 we paid out over £150 million in household insurance claims. Our customers hold over 1.4 million household insurance policies and have come to us through various channels. Customers can choose to buy through banks, building societies, brokers and members of our mortgage network. We’re also one of the UK’s fastest growing online insurance providers, either through our own website or through comparison sites.

Step 3

We provide insurance cover to ensure the mortgage can be paid off in the event of death or critical illness

LGAS Insurance

We’re the UK’s market leader in providing life assurance and critical illness cover to protect people and their families. We have relationships with building societies covering 85% of their members and have arrangements with banks, such as Barclays and TSB, to protect their customers and their mortgages.

Step 4

We help to finance the building of new homes by investing our ‘slow money’ into housing projects

Legal & General Capital (LGC)
Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)

We’ve put over £5.7 billion into direct investments, including UK infrastructure projects in housing, ranging from social housing to the private rented sector and modern homes for families. We also help communities through our investments into student accommodation, care homes and urban regeneration. This is ‘slow money’, where we need to invest for the long term, matching liabilities and improving the risk-adjusted returns on the group’s principal balance sheet.

Maximising synergies across the group

This chart shows how our businesses work together

Maximising synergies across the Group (graph)

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Investment experts

We’re one of the UK’s largest asset managers and are building our expertise as a global investor. We manage £709 billion in assets for more than 3,000 institutional clients. Our investment expertise covers a wide spectrum of asset classes including equities, fixed income, commercial property and cash. Our capabilities range from index-tracking and active strategies to liquidity management and liability-based risk management solutions.

Longevity and mortality experts

We’re recognised as a leading longevity and mortality expert. We’re committed to continually developing this expertise. We’re associated with a number of external longevity science institutions. We collaborate with University College London on population ageing, where we sponsor two undergraduates. We also support the Longevity Science Advisory Panel (LSAP), an independent panel of leading authorities who are experts on longevity issues.

Housing experts

Our expertise in the housing market helps people in every area of housing. We recognise that there’s a desperate shortage of quality housing. We use our knowledge to partner with organisations such as Shelter to help develop government policy. We’re involved in several areas of homebuilding, financing the building of social housing, private-renting, home-ownership, for students and for the elderly. Our mortgage and surveying businesses help people find the right home and a suitable home loan. Our Insurance business provides cover for life, critical illness, sickness and unemployment, as well as protecting buildings and contents.