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As a Board we set environmental, social and governance targets on a three year basis which are split into three sections


To directly support the long term material campaigns


Targets to simply do business better each year


Targets to improve our Environment

We have invested
over £5 billion in
direct investment.
These include specific investment projects
into Housing, Income
in Later Life and Health.

Major infrastructure financing deals in 2014

Nigel’s blog

Nigel talks about important issues to help build a better society”

Nigel Wilson, CEO
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Spreading the word

Some of the consumer campaigns we have been engaged with and promoting awareness for our customers and employees.

  • Action on Stroke Month
  • Finding Mike – Rethink
  • Shelter – West Sussex Court Service
  • AGE UK – Mumbai Medicare Van with India First
  • #everydaymatters social media – Stroke Association, Youthnet, AGE UK and Shelter
  • Elderly Accommodation Counsel Housing Awards 2014
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Community Engagement

We are applying community engagement and tenant liaison programs consistently across all our properties under management.

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Active investment


is the number our Governance Team have attended ESG meetings.


have included Environmental and Social Issues.

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These are some of the topics we’ve discussed

We’ve used the feedback from the discussions to adapt our approach to doing business better.

Actions to improve our business

We’ve developed a direct investment policy to show the underlying principle and process of investing shareholder funds across the group Read more

We’ve introduced micro insurance products in our joint ventures in India and Egypt Read more

We’ve increased our diversity within our employee base and longer term customer base. Read more

We’re continuing to work in the Netherlands to deliver a “customer interest first programme” Read more

We’re continuing to work in Legal & General America to deepen the relationships with Not for Profits Read more

We’ve introduced a foundation in Legal & General France. Read more

We increased our market inclusiveness to 15.3% for harder to reach groups. These include young students, low earners and young singles with busy lives.

We have a model portfolio which we could invest in as set up by ‘CAF Venturesome’. Because of the risk profile of our principal balance sheet and the fact that the social investment market for institutional investment is still immature, we’ve decided to focus in the short term on the potential for local regeneration schemes through our joint venture with CAF.

We provide UK capital for:

  • The fund in the Sussex and Croydon areas
  • The Coast 2 Capital LEP. (Local Enterprise Partnerships), providing loans and mentors to social enterprises.

We’ve invested over


in not for profits globally


of our workforce volunteered in communities

Implement a supplier code of conduct that incorporates EDI and environmental minimum standards.

Reduce our impact on vulnerable raw materials to be implements in 2015

Key suppliers who are subject to our Sustainable Procurement policies increased to


13% increase on 2013

The programme won the ‘Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards 2014’.

Jobs created via Social Investment


Every policy we look after for customers, every building we own for ourselves or for our clients, every business we invest in uses natural resources to operate. We have a responsibility to future generations be more efficient as a business rather than to simply offset our impacts.

We’ve reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 5% across the group (UK and overseas) Read more

We’ve reduced waste per policy across the group by 10% from the previous year Read more

We’ve reduced paper consumption per policy across the group by 17.5% from the previous year Read more

We’ve reduced energy in the top 20 buildings in Legal & General Property by 25% Read more