Sustainable property

We are one of the UK’s largest and most active institutional investors and, as such, we place an emphasis upon our role in owning and developing the built environment in a sustainable way.

Embedding sustainability best practice throughout our operations is crucial to our future success as a business, and, of course, to ensuring that we deliver maximum returns to investors while protecting the value of their holdings over the long term. We continue to make positive progress. Our strategies are creating value for our investors, landlords, tenants and the communities we serve; protecting our assets against future risk; engaging our stakeholders to ensure we listen and act on their feedback; and making our assets as sustainable as possible.

We have a target of a 20% reduction in energy, carbon and water by 2020 compared with our baseline.

Achievements in the 2014-15 financial year:

  • We have reduced the carbon emissions across all of our properties by 17%
  • Our electricity and fuel use have been reduced by 15% and 23% respectively
  • Our overall water use has been cut by 7% thanks to no- and low-cost measures;
  • In addition, during 2014, 87% of waste from our sites has also been diverted from landfill



Property to deliver 20% reduction on ‘like for like’ properties by 2020.

Reduce CO2 by 2020 on 2012 levels.

On track

Reduce Water Usage by 2020 on 2012 levels.

On track

Waste diverted to Landfill by 2020 on 2012 levels.

On track

As part of our stakeholder engagement, in 2015 we will prioritise working with more tenants to help them reduce their own carbon, water and waste.

On track