As an insurer

It's important that we provide the right cover whilst understanding the needs of our customers during a time of crisis. Customers need to access our services immediately to help minimise damage and wastage. Our 24 hour emergencies call center can provide a dedicated claims manager to respond quickly.

At the end of 2014 we made the decision to create our own building repair called LGRS (Legal and General Repair Solutions), this is used to fulfill building claims repairs where a customer chooses this option in preference to a cash settlement. This strategic move brings us closer to our customers, further simplifies our claims journey, shortens claims durations and reduces claims cost.

What has this meant in practice?

We used to use national building networks to fulfill buildings repairs that in general act as a management function and subcontract the works to regional contractors. It was our intention to remove this layer and contract directly with our own network of regional building contractors. This means that we have greater influence and can better control Health & Safety and environmental impacts.