Employee survey results

To help measure our people’s views at work, we run an independent employee survey. In 2015, we focused on colleagues in our businesses in the United States and UK, along with LGIM colleagues in Asia. In total, 7,501 people around the world were invited to share their views, and we achieved an 86% participation rate. We aim to survey colleagues in our joint venture businesses in 2016.

One critical use of the data that this survey provides is as a way to understand employees’ views about company ethics and to monitor human rights and employee attitudes within our businesses.

These are the headlines:

  1. Employee Engagement Index: 64% (down 14% versus 2014)
  2. Leadership Index: 69% (down 5% versus 2014)

We have seen employee engagement drop as a result of reaction to headcount reduction and other change programmes around the business, notably in Kingswood, where uncertainty around the proposals to close the location was high at the time the survey was undertaken.

We regularly poll employees so they can tell us how they think the business is performing. Data shows that there is a relatively stable and high level of belief (78%) that employees feel they’re working for an ethical company. However, 14% have a more neutral opinion, which we believe provides an environment of healthy scepticism.

The activity behind these continued good levels of positivity included:

  • Sharing our ‘social purpose’ through video and written content
  • Celebrating those who work hard at giving something back
  • Sharing customer stories about how we helped them in their time of need
  • Sharing longer term views on big social issues: housing, health and income in later life
  • Showing the link between good corporate citizenship and good business
  • Demonstrating how good governance develops good behaviours in the businesses we invest
  • Increasing visibility about the ways our direct infrastructure investments are providing long term capital to parts of society and the economy that need stabilising