World class leadership

We invest in developing ambitious, inspiring leaders who have high expectations in terms of performance and results. Our Leadership Academy enables our leaders and managers to develop, accelerate and expand their leadership skills. In the past year, we continued to enhance and broaden our development offering.












Strategic Leadership

Leadership Insights – to help you realise your leadership potential.

Involve activities that focus on:

  • Encouraging collaboration
  • Supporting ongoing learning
  • Current leadership challenges

These include:

  • Online toolkits
  • Yammer learning opportunities
  • Leadership master classes
  • CSR Development Programmes
  • Change & resilience curriculum
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • 360° Leadership Coaching

LGIM Grade 6/7










High Performance Leadership
Expert Leader Programme

Development Boards – to help you realise your leadership potential.

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • 360° Leadership Coaching

LGIM Grade 5










Every Day Leadership

Development Boards – to help you realise your leadership potential (coming soon).

  • The Learning Hub
  • Bespoke learning as required

LGIM Grade 4










Every Day Leadership

The First 90 Days toolkit – to help new Legal & General managers, and individuals new to leadership, get to grips with their roles.

  • The Learning Hub
  • Bespoke learning as required

LGIM Grade 3






We’re committed to supporting the development of all employees to build and grow a diverse leadership pipeline. We need to ensure employees have up-to-date skills to meet customer and stakeholder needs.

The ‘Strategic Leadership Programme’ is aimed at our top level leadership, aiming to develop their strategic capabilities to enable them to take on broader leadership responsibilities. To date, around 60 senior leaders have participated in the programme. Participants continue to apply their skills and share learning within the leadership network alumni programme.

We launched the ‘Expert Leader programme’ for our high potential expert leaders at early to mid-career. This programme helps participants to explore and develop their leadership style, increase their level of influence and impact and help them understand what leadership is all about. 23 delegates have already participated in the programme and we expect a further 24 delegates to attend in 2016.

Our Group Leadership Mentoring Programme has been running for three years and offers the opportunity for leaders to be mentors to high potential employees with the aspiration and capability to become influential leaders. Selected members of the senior leadership group have dedicated their time, knowledge, skills, experience and capability to help 138 high potential employees.

Our Development Boards are designed to help identify and develop high potential senior managers. In 2015, 16 delegates attended a one day development centre where they undertook a series of challenges to assess their leadership potential and develop career insights whilst observed by HR and senior business assessors.

Employees have access to a diverse range of learning via our online learning portal and our learning partners. The online Learning Hub enables employees to access a range of e-learning, books, videos, pod-casts as well as register for face to face workshops, training programmes and professional support. More than 23,600 employees accessed The Learning-Hub in 2015 10% higher than in 2014. Early in 2015, we launched the Change and Resilience learning offer which is one of the most viewed resources on The Learning Hub.