What our figures mean.

Period covered in this return: 1 January to 30 June 2016

To help you understand what our figures mean, we have put our complaints in context. Across the Legal & General Group, we look after almost 9 million individual customers.

  • Within the General Insurance and Pure Protection category Payment Protection; General Insurance; Critical Illness; Income Protection; Term Assurance and Whole of Life, for every 2,000 customers we look after, one customer complained to us
  • Across the Decumulation, Life and Pensions category Personal Pensions; Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions, Investment Linked Annuities and Income Drawdown around 12 in every 2,000 of our mortgage endowment customers contacted us in this period to complain about the historic sale of endowment products. For all other products in this category, around one customer in every 2,000 complained to us
  • In the Investment category Investment Bonds; Endowments; Personal Equity Plans; Individual Savings Accounts (excluding cash ISAs); Unit Trust / Open-ended Investment Companies; Structured Products and Investment Management / services (including Platforms) we received around one complaint for every 2,000 customers


If you have any questions about our Complaints Report, please contact us.


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